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95 % of the clients we have worked
with over the years were missing AT
LEAST two out of the four critical,
proven marketing systems that are
necessary to achieve maximum
business growth..

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

It’s not enough to have a great looking website or even a functional and user-friendly one. Today, a website has to be optimized to bring your business the right prospects. The whole Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process begins with research to determine who the most likely buyers for your product and services are and uncovering what it is they are searching for when they are in the buying mode. Optimizing a website is not a fix-and-forget solution. It is an ongoing process and part of that process is creating a detailed profile for your potential clients to understand what terms are most advantageous for your site. Some keywords can deliver a treasure trove of prospects right in the critical stage of the buying cycle, Read More…

25 Common Marketing Mistakes

25 Common Marketing Mistakes

  1. Customer Retention – Failing to keep your existing customers
  2. Not Targeting Your Marketing Efforts at Likely Buyers
  3. Relying on Only One Method to Attract New Clients
  4. Using Only Paid Online Marketing Methods
  5. Ignoring or Underestimating Your Competitors Online

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Mobile Website Design

Mobile Website Design

It was just a few years ago that having a mobile device constantly in hand was something that you only saw in high powered business people. Today, nearly everyone has a mobile device of some sort such as a cell phone tablet computer, and they are using those devices for everything from business to gaming. No longer are cell phones limited to just calls and text messages, today’s phones can do almost as much as the desktop computers of just a few years ago and they are getting more powerful every day. Read More…

Local Search SEO

Local Search SEO

or Google Maps Marketing is an inexpensive way to make sure your business is visible to the customers who are looking for exactly what you offer. These red hot buyers are going to find somewhere to purchase what they need and if you are local search invisible to them, then your competitors are going to get their business. Everyday millions and millions of local internet searches are conducted by customers looking for the very products or services that you offer and if you don’t show up on their screen or phone, they often end up going to another business. The solution is simple: An optimized website and a fully optimized Google Places listing by Biz Boost Pros’ SEO experts. Many businesses in Charlotte, Greensboro and other cities and towns around North Carolina have not claimed their Google Places Read More…

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

is not only a great way to keep in touch with your existing clients and reminding them of all the additional opportunities of working with you, but it’s an extremely cost effective way to find new clients. A well-designed campaign that identifies the benefits of working with your company that is targeted to the right people can bring immediate results. Your Biz Boost Pros professional will work with you to design a series of emails that will bring clients, build awareness of what your company can do and help establish your company as an expert in your field Read More…

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Social Media

Social Media

Let’s face it, Social Media is here to stay. Consider it the new word of mouth conversation that influences consumer purchasing decisions, either in a positive or negative manner. Your business needs to be actively involved in the conversation, now. That’s where Biz Boost Pros comes in. Our expert team of SEO and social media managers in Greensboro and Charlotte, North Carolina will provide several extensive options that will expand your reach and create a positive online presence. Read More…

Good Greensboro SEO

Good Greensboro SEO can bring you leads

For a website to bring a company leads on a regular basis, it’s important to have search engine optimization (SEO) done correctly. With SEO, you can effectively market your services or products to a much larger audience. Today many company websites are only found in the search engines if you know the company’s name. Ideally, your company will come up if someone is searching for the products or services you offer or the problem you solve. You can also establish brand validity and awareness, along with more business “buzz” and online longevity with a strong online presence. From content and website creation to social media integration and mobile marketing, Greensboro Search Engine Optimization experts, Biz Boost Pros, can help your site and overall online presence get greater visibility, traffic and most importantly results. This means higher rankings on leading search engines, along with recurring web traffic and more leads. It also means fully populated directory listings and a fully optimized, Youtube and videos and Google My Business page or pages, (Formally – Google Plus Business, Formally Google Places, Google Maps and it will be called something different next month, no doubt.) A fully fleshed out online presence results in more web traffic and more and better qualified leads. With a Greensboro SEO company, you will get better online activity overall which will bring more customers.

SEO Marketing and Mobile

SEO Marketing and Mobile is Crucial for your Online Presence

Search optimization is vital in extending your company’s reach online. It also plays an essential role in lead generation and conversion. In recent years, mobile websites have also soared in popularity. In fact, over half of the online searches now occur on mobile devices. With the prevalence of mobile search and localization becoming more and more essential in online searching, it is costly not to have a mobile site for your company and stake out a claim for the local traffic that is looking for what you offer. In this day and age, people want to access their information while on the go. To effectively cater to your customer’s needs and requests, they must be able to access your site from a myriad of devices. With a combination of good SEO for Greensboro and a mobile search strategy, you can truly propel your business to new heights.

Lead Generation Websites

Lead Generation Websites Make a Difference

While Search Marketing has changed over the years and will continue to change, lead generation remains the main reason companies seek to have their site Search Engine Optimized. In fact, acquiring leads is often listed as the top need by small business owners and managers. Many business owners are surprised when they learn the sheer volume of searches that go on in their industry and the numbers for even a small niche can be mind boggling. For example there are over 11 billion monthly searches in the US on Google. As an example, consider the HVAC industry, there are 60,500 monthly searches for the term “furnace.” For someone who sells and services furnaces, showing up for this search would be highly impactful for their business. In the Legal niche there are 135,000 monthly searches for the term “Lawyer.” That’s a lot of people that need some help.

Not only are the search volumes incredible, but the percentage of Americans using search is astounding. In many surveys the number or people that say they search online before making a purchases are around 90%. That is an incredibly high percentage for any consumer behavior. There are not many consumer behaviors that have a participation rate that high, other than perhaps breathing and for most of us that’s not really optional (vampires excluded). These search numbers are a potential treasure trove of opportunity for local businesses.
Leads can be generated from search queries of strategic keywords placed within content in conjunction with back-link strategies, such as directory submissions. With a website that is getting a lot of views, you can secure more business for your company. You can also establish a dominant online presence in the local market which will make it more difficult for a competitor to gain market share at your expense. With over 275,000 companies now with social media pages, having a strong social media presence is also mandatory. From Facebook, Twitter, to Instagram and Vine, your social media profile should be captivating and compelling. It should also attract and engage potential clients and customers across the board. At a minimum for Search Marketing the social media profiles need to be set-up and populated correctly.

SEO Greensboro Specialists

Biz Boost Pros has a team of SEO Greensboro Specialists

Our SEO Greensboro NC professionals have years of extensive industry experience. With a free consultation, we will show you exactly what can be done to improve the traffic and conversion of your website. Contact us today to learn how to make your website generate more leads for your business.